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What we do

from "Technology Houston, 1996-1997"

Technology must support a rapidly changing, interdependent market, which is why International Automation Resources, Inc. (IAR) offers a full range of electronic products, systems, and communications support for all types of industrial activities. Since its establishment in 1984, IAR has been known for expertise in developing products that function efficiently in harsh environments, as well as the ability to provide integrated control over both engineering and manufacturing aspects of electronic system development. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, IAR serves clients worldwide through an infrastructure that includes comprehensive access to product and system components.

Sophisticated technology for domestic and international clients

In the area of oil and gas automation, IAR's product offerings have centered around artificial lift enhancement. IAR Rod Pump Controllers, installed in the Permian Basin of West Texas in 1987, have saved clients thousands of dollars in reduced electrical and maintenance costs. A solar powered IAR Gas Injection Wellhead Monitor for remote control of offshore gas lift operations has been successfully used at Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela for more than three years, and a modified version of this wellhead monitor is now used in Russia-with an IAR produced Hand Held Flow Computer-to simplify manual gas lift operations..

To provide an effective computer matrix, software for use with all products and systems is constantly generated and supported by IAR. Capabilities include embedded system design as well as personal computer style graphical user interfaces. Complex remote control aspects are routinely handled by IAR engineers.

Broad product spectrum

The products developed by IAR range from small items such as transient protectors to complete process control systems supported by telemetry and computer programs. In fact, lightning protection of omnipresent instrumentation transmitters has been an IAR specialty since its beginning. Protectors for most major transmitter manufacturers are available, and thousands of these field-proven devices have been sold for use in widely diverse locales.

Customized products and services

A distinct advantage enjoyed by IAR clients is that IAR modifies products to meet the needs of the client's in-house environment. Rather than expecting the client to adapt to existing products, the IAR corporate philosophy is, "if the existing product does not fit the application, let us offer a modified alternative." This approach assures the flexibility that is one of the distinguishing features of IAR products and services.

With a track record of proven excellence, International Automation Resources, Inc. is dedicated to serving the industry with continually evolving products and services. For more information, contact Sales at tersales@ter-usa.com or (281) 346-2897.