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International Automation Resources, Inc. (IAR) offers a full range of electronic products, systems and communications support for all types of industrial activities.

Pump-off Control as a Mature Technology
The level of technology offered by Pump-Off Controllers has reached a point of maturity that justifies application in most areas implementing artificial lift with beam pumps.

Oil and Gas Journal
Chromatograph RTU System Monitors CO2 Injection
Although the basic technology for injecting carbon dioxide (CO2) for enhancing oil production has not significantly changed in recent years, methods for monitoring and controlling injection are still being refined.

Oil and Gas Journal
Wellhead Monitors Automate Lake Maracaibo Gas Lift
High-performance personal computer (PC) and intelligent remote terminal unit (IRTU) technology have optimized the remote control of gas lift injection and surveillance of over 1,000 offshore production wells at Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela.