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Diamond Series Rod Pump Controller
Technical Specifications American Oil & Gas Reporter article on Pump-off Control

The Diamond Series Rod Pump Controller is an advanced design microprocessor-based pump-off controller for artificial lift using beam pumps. The Diamond Series unit monitors both polish rod load and walking beam position to develop dynamometer cards. By comparison against operator entered areas, pump-off conditions are determined.

True detection of well pump-off yields many benefits over simple time/clock methods. These advantages include:


System Operation

An operator reviews a dynagraph plot either at a central field computer, or at the well site. A pump-off area is determined and entered into the Diamond Series. During each pump cycle, the current dynagraph card is analyzed for the pump-off state upon which the well is shut off. Following a pre-selected rest time, the pump is restarted. Real time analysis of the dynagraph cards allow the Diamond Series to seek out well-oriented problems such as parted rods, high fluid levels, and tubing leaks. Additional analog and status inputs can be used to monitor other field conditions, such as casing head and tubing head pressures. Communications to a host computer, presents all the well's data to an operator at a central location. This capability allows for the running of extensive analysis packages for downhole analysis, alarm condition reporting, run/rest time optimizers, as well as trending of analog values.

Diamond Series units may be configured as single well units or as multiple-well clusters. Both types can co-exist within the same field. Communication modes, field topography, and well densities largely determine the mode of implementation.

Each Diamond Series Controller is housed in a NEMA 4 enclosure with a front panel for local display of well statistics. On-site viewing of dynagraph cards is accomplished via a plug-in serial port for a portable computer. Diamond Series units are made to withstand harsh environments. Special attention has been given to the design of the Diamond Series to maximize resistance to lightning transients, H2S attacks, and temperature extremes. International Automation Resources, Inc., IAR, POC, Pump Off Control, RTU, Oil Field Automation, MODBUS