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Pump-off Control Specifications

Electronic Package

Operating Temperature-40 C to +70 C
Humidity+95% non-condensing
Environmental Protection
PCB TreatmentConformally coated for H2S environment
Signal ConnectorsGold Plated
Power ConnectorsNickel Plated
PCB mountingPVC snaptack, requiring no screw; vibration resistant
Local Operator Entry
Display4 x 20 LCD
Keys5 x 4 wide pattern Membrane
Low Power ModePower down after 20 minutes
Enclosure, Single Well Unit
Material0.090" thick aluminum
FinishWhite Epoxy, suitable for off-shore use
Locking MechanismPadlock with outdoor-style combination lock
Enclosure, Multiple Well Unit
MaterialNEMA 4X, UV-resistand, 25% figerglass-reinforced polyester
Locking MechanismTwist Padlock
Electronic Board Set
CPU16-bit NEC V25+
Memory640k RAM maximum, Lithium battery backup;
128k flash ROM
Crystal16 Mhz
Watchdog TimerCPU and Radio Protection
Communication Ports2, RS232
ModemLow Power 1200 bps, standard
AddressDip Switch selectable, 255 stations
Realtime ClockOnboard
Power Source117 VAC +20%; 2-hour battery backup; battery charger on board; low voltage cutoff at 10.8 VDC
Radio (can be customer specified)
MakeEF Johnson
Frequency Range450-480 Mhz

Sensor Package

PositionLUCAS Clinometer with transient protection; housed in a beam-mountable NEMA 4 case
LoadINTERFACE Model 1923; 30,000 lb. Polish Rod Mount
Signal ConditioningMultiple-well units use an Instrumentation Amplifier input board with 4-20 mA conversion; single well units tie directly to the electronics
Analog Inputs0-5 volt; 4-20 mA
Status InputsOptocoupled
Transient ProtectionAll inputs meet IEEE 472 SWC and IEEE 587 Cat B tests

Software Package

LanguageC, per Kernighan & Ritchie, ANSI standard
Operating SystemTERROS extensible real time operating system, providing interoperability across multiple RTU types
Communication ProtocolUser Specified; TERCRC, MODBUS Binary, MODBUS ASCII available

Master Station

Computer386/486-style, Windows 3.1 based syste, 4M memory minimum, 2-button Mouse, VGA Monitor
SoftwarePMPOFF pump-off package allows for up to 255 IRPM's form 1 to 8 wells each. Expandable to greater number of IROM's if needed.
Mouse- oriented, user-friendly PMPOFF supports:
  • Analog Trending
  • Analog High/Low alarms
  • Dynamometer Card Graphic Displays and Printer Plots
  • Field Communication Reports

Equipment List