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SurgeBusters provide fast, effective transient surge protection for critical equipment connected to communication and instrumentation loops. Each product is tailored for a specific application and each unit provides both high speed and brute force techniques to limit induced voltages to predetermined safe operating levels. Specific products are available for audio (FSK, PSK) and digital (RS232/RS422) communication channels and for instrumentation loops (0 to +/- 1 mA, 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 5 V). Combined together, SurgeBusters provide cost-effective insurance against equipment damage due to voltage surges and transients.

IAR SurgeBusters are field-proven and are used extensively on...

General Operating Information

SurgeBusters are three stage suppression-networks that are inserted in series between the field wiring and the customer's load. During normal operation, the unit is transparent to the system. However, if a surge exceeding the clamp voltage of the network is detected, then the first stage uses brute force techniques to shunt the surge current to ground at amperages up to 5000 Amps. The second stage acts as a high frequency choke that limits the surge current and energy that can be passed to the load. The final stage acts as an extremely fast voltage clamp (<= 1 Nano-Second) that prevents the output voltage from exceeding the predetermined level of the unit. After the surge has passed, the unit automatically resets and allows normal operation to resume.

Instrumentation Protectors

Transient suppressors for instrumentation loops provide protection for current loops up to 70 mAmps with source voltages up to 28 volts. Both negative and positive surges relative to earth ground are detected and eliminated. Units are made to fit directly within existing housings of various transducer manufacturers.

Communications Protection

Protectors for communication channels are available for 4-wire dedicated circuits. Current loop, RS422/485, and audio modems are all supported by different versions of the TER-057. This unit is designed for RDI snaptrack mounting, allowing easy placement in existing facilities. Customer connections are made to removable terminal blocks suitable for up to #14 awg wire.

Power Circuits Protectors

Protection for AC lines range from 5 amp RDI snaptrack mountable devices to 60 amp enclosed station protectors. Intended for use only in industrial applications, this series of devices protects surge sensitive gear such as PLC's, RTU's and main computers. International Automation Resources, Inc., IAR, Transient Protection, Lightning Surge Suppressor, Surge Busters