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Transient Protector Specifications

IEEE Transactions Vol COM21 Oct. '73 pp. 1136-43 report that over 99.8% of all lightning transients in open wire, coaxial, and paired cable (over a three year study period) had amplitudes of less than 1 kV with rise time of 10 microseconds or longer and fall times of 50% of peak crest in 1 millisecond. All IAR SurgeBusters pass that requirement as well as the additional standards:

IEEE 587 Cat B1 kV Crest (10 - 1000 microseconds)
3 kV Crest (8 - 20 microseconds)
6 kV Crest (1.2 - 50 microseconds)
IEEE 472 SWC2.5 kV Crest, 1 MHz waveform

General Specifications
Response time<= 1 nanosecond
Peak surge current5000 amps
Clamp voltages available6, 12, 25, 50, and 200 V DC to ground, Standard
Loop impedance24 Ohms, others available
Operating Temperature-40 to +125 C
Humidity95% RH, non-condensing