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Industrial Control Unit Specifications

General, All Boards
Operating Temperature-40 C to +65 C
Humidity+95% non-condensing
Altitude10,000' AMSL

Environmental Protection

PCB treatment for corrosion
Conformally coated for mild H2S environment
Gold plating, all signal connectors
Nickel plating, Power and interface connectors

Dimensions2.5" x 3.875"
CPUHitachi 64180
Operating Crystal Frequencies9.216/12.288 MHz
Instruction SetZ-80/8085 compatible
RAM32K/64K/96K bytes
PROM2 28-pin sockets
32K/64K/96K bytes
Communication Ports2; Programmable Baud rates
Timers2 Programmable, 1 Hardware Watchdog
Memory Management UnitAllows greater than 64K address range
DMA controllerOnboard
Non-volatile Memory SupportSeparate Power Rails allow RAM to be battery backed up from motherboard

TER-071 Motherboard
Dimensions3.25" x 8.0" SnapTrack Compatible
A/D Converter12 bit, 200 microsecond, CMOS
DIP Switches2 8-bit, user definable
Indicators4 LEDs, user definable
Communication SupportRS232 conversion, 2 Ports, 9 Pin D connector configured as DTE, 15 pin D connector configured as DCE
RAM BackupLithium Cell, 30 day backup
Expansion Module SupportBuffered interface to CPU, appropriate wait states added

TER-073 Power Supply
Dimensions3.25" x 6.0"
Input117 V AC +/- 15%
Outputs12 V DC, 5.7 V DC, unregulated 24 V DC
Battery SupportTrickle Charger, Low voltage disconnect, 12/24 Volt cells
AC voltage detectOptocoupler
ConnectorsPluggable terminal blocks
Fuses3 AG
TechnologyLinear, Simple design for field maintenance purposes, intended where efficiency is not a concern

Dimensions3.25" x 5.0"
Power Input12 - 28 V DC
Baud Rate1200 Bps, Bell 202 compatible
FM Radio KeyerOptocoupler image of RTS
IsolationTransformer coupled
Watchdog capabilityShutdwn if RTS time exceeds 10 seconds, can be disengaged for constant carrier applications
Digital InterfaceRS232 via 25-pin D connector
CTS SelectionJumper selectable from 10, 50, 110, 250, 400, 800, and 1700 milliseconds
Modem Transmit LevelJumper selectable from -20, -10, -6, and 0 dbm

TER-078 4-4-2 Expansion Module
Dimensions3.25" x 10.0"
Optocoupled, transient protected Status inputs4
Differential 4-20 mA, +/- mA, 0-5 V Analog Inputs4
10 Amp rated relay Form C contacts2

TER-080 Status Input Expansion Module
Dimensions3.25" x 8.5"
Number of points16
Transient ProtectionIndustrial grade
Field ConnectorsPluggable terminal blocks
IndicatorsLEDs in series with each point

DEV-C/1 Software Development Package

Specifications subject to change without notice