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General Purpose RTU

Technical Specifications

The Industrial Control Unit (ICU) is an industrial real time microcomputer with various Input/Output modules to interface to real world sensors and control devices. Custom applications can be accomplished by software tasks, utilizing high level languages. Such applications include AGA#3/NX19/AGA#8 gas measurement, gas chromatography, sequence of events recording, tank battery automation, etc.

Target Applications

ICU's may be used wherever traditional RTU's have been found...Electric Power Substations and Pole Tops, Gas Metering and Compression Stations, Petroleum Tank Batteries, and Production Platforms.

Industrial Control Unit Features -

Ultra Compact Packaging

Selective usage of surface-mounted components enables high performance designs to fit in a small PCA form factor. Bulky and expensive card racks and cages are eliminated, causing the enclosures to be substantially reduced in size. All ICU modules, including the integral CPU/Motherboard, are made to snap into 3.25" Snap Track mounting channel. Each I/O module has its own interface logic onboard, allowing each module to connect to a system bus via ribbon cable. An ICU can be literally snapped together.

Versatility Coupled with Wide Point Count Range

Modular construction allows a variety of expansion modules to be supported. Hence, a user can handle high end applications without sacrificing the economic factors required in low end uses. An ICU can be equipped with up to 1024 inputs and outputs. Yet, special purpose modules, such as the TER-078 with 4 status, 4 analog, and two controls, allow the unit to be installed even in low cost pole top sites.

Outstanding Transient Protection

Transient protection is one of the most expensive functions on I/O modules. Yet, it is the best investment made in terms of survivability in harsh electrical environments. IAR has been an established manufacturer of industrial protection devices, and incorporates this experience to provide a compliment of I/O modules with high degrees of protection. Traditional status and analog modules meet IEEE 472 SWC test as well as the IEEE 587 Cat B impulse test.

Low Power

All CMOS logic and memory circuits are used to minimize primary power consumption. In addition, status and analog modules allow loop power to be switched on or off under software control. When one considers that a status loop requires 10 mAmps, and analogs range 4 to 20 mAmps, significant power savings can result.

Software Support

Custom ICU applications are available both under contract with IAR or via the user's own programming staff and consultants. Software development tools consist of assemblers and "C" high-level language, for use on IBM PC/XT, PC/AT, PS/2, or compatible hardware. International Automation Resources, Inc., IAR, RTU, Mother Board, Modem, CPU