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masTER represents the state-of -the art in oil field management software. Based upon the Windows NT operating system, masTER's graphical user interface makes it easy to draw an entire field and customize each well. The package provides for selectable software modules for specific handing of production methods involved with enhanced oil recovery including gas lift, plunger lift, and rod pumps. The user simply installs the base SCADA package and adds the appropriate modules.

Basic SCADA functions include:

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Field Map FieldDraw field map drawing capability
  • Allow for viewing of fields as if using a field map
Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) configuration
  • Permits use of various RTU"s
  • Indications of abnormal conditions
Analog trending
  • Graphical trends of data such as pressures, temperatures, etc.
Field Report Daily reports
  • Summary reports displaying current and past conditions
Communication status
  • Percentage of good communications to remote device
Critical and Non-critical scanning
  • Fast polling for urgent situations, slower polling for less critical requirements
RTU protocol drivers
  • Various protocols: MODBUS RTU is standard
On-Line Help
  • Each Data Field has built in help prompts

For Plunger Lift sites, masTER features include:

lifTER Status Current Status
  • Control Cycle
  • Time Left in Cycle
  • Valve Status
  • Casing,Tubing,Sales Pressure
Historical Data
  • Last 10 plunger trip times
  • Total On and Off Times
  • Total Number of arrivals and Failed Arrivals
Tubing Pressure Trend Pressure Trending
  • Casing, Tubing, Sales pressures for up to 30 days.
Send and Retrieve All Parameters
  • Time Parameters
  • Pressure Parameters
For gas lift sites, the system allows for remote setting of operational parameters and trending of production variables.

For rod pump sites, masTER features include:

Display of surface cards
  • Traditional dynagraph card
Downhole cards Calculation and display of Downhole cards
  • Calculated down hole showing gross and net fluid strokes
Pump-off point selection
  • Graphical determination of pump down condition
View consecutive cards
  • Allows viewing of last 50 cards prior to pump-off
Stroke Analysis Stroke Analysis
  • Detailed analysis of surface and downhole conditions
Gearbox Torque calculations
  • Calculates "As Is" and "If Balanced" torque on Gearbox
Permissible Load Torque Curve Permissible Load Torque Curve
  • Graphical plot of exisiting balanced gearbox torque
Rod string design with expected Rod and Gearbox load calculation
  • Designs new rod strings, Gearboxes and calculates expected production
Calculation of fluid levels
  • Calculates fluid levels from down hole fluid loads
Counterbalance Calculations Pumping Unit Counterbalance calculations
  • Determine existing CBE and calculates correct Counterbalance
  • Calculates correct weight positions the first time. Eliminates guessing.
Design and prediction of Downhole cards
  • Wave Equation Design program calculates loads for existing or new systems
Well productivity using combined PI and Vogel's equations
  • Calculates well potential as a function of pressure drawdown
Tubing Anchor Pull
  • Calculates distance to stretch tubing to properly set tubing anchor
Pumping Unit Database Pumping Unit Data Base
  • On-line pumping unit sizes and geometries for commonly deployed units
  • Capability to easily add new pumping units to the system

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