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Mini-Monitor RTU

Technical Specifications

The Mini-Monitor RTU (m2 RTU) is a microcomputer based remote terminal unit for use in various industrial applications. Each Unit includes a man/machine interface for local display of parameters and initiating maintenance routines. The standard configuration supports four analog inputs, four digital inputs, and four control outputs. Upon request, Inputs/Outputs can be customized for virtually any application.

Enclosures are offered in two basic types: a double sealed stainless steel enclosure, which maintains environmental integrity even with the door open; or a fiberglass enclosure, with a front mounted display.

Communication is accomplished by an RS232 interface, dedicated line modem, or radio telemetry. The larger fiberglass enclosure allows radios of all types to be utilized.

While MODBUS RTU(TM) is offered as the standard communications configuration, IAR can support various protocols as requested.

General Operating Information

The standard m2 RTU can operate in continuous or low power mode. Low power mode is ideal for the optional solar panel power source.

Current conditions of all Input/Output signals are reported when polled by a master station computer.

Flow equations such as AGA#3 and specific control interlock functions can be implemented depending upon application requirements.

Installation is accomplished via pole mounting.

Field connections utilize pluggable terminal blocks. In the case of the stainless steel enclosures, these blocks are located in an exterior junction box. This technique makes use of quick connectors between the two enclosures allowing for rapid removal of the entire RTU for maintenance purposes. For larger enclosures typically associated with radio telemetry, the terminal blocks are mounted inside.

Custom Support

IAR can modify both hardware and software to fit specific preferences for mode-of-operation. Software packages for central master station computers are available. Battery backup can be sized to fit the type of installation. International Automation Resources, Inc., IAR, MODBUS RTU, RTU, Mini MODBUS RTU