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Industrial Display Units

Technical Specifications

The IAR Industrial Display Unit (IDU) is a CMOS industrial microcomputer terminal specifically intended for panel mounted installations. It offers the system designer a simple-to-operate man/machine interface suited for outdoor enclosures or indoor panels. Low power capability coupled with special attention to protection in harsh environments allows the unit to be used in virtually any real world application.

IDU's are best utilized where operators are primarily expected to view process results and enter numerical data. Specific actions can be selected from predetermined menus using a TOGGLE key. Menus may be read via the SCROLL key. Up to 250 "Canned Messages" can be placed into Non-Volatile Memory. In short, by placing a good amount of intelligence in the device, operator errors and frustrations are minimized.

General Operating Information

The standard IDU initially powers up in a mode in which the operator can adjust the display contrast. After exiting this state, ASCII characters received by the unit or entered from the keypad are displayed from left to right beginning with the first line. When the line is full, the cursor will automatically move to the second line of data. When the bottom line is full, no further data will be displayed until a carriage return character is encountered. Alternatively, if the scroll mode is enabled, the data on the bottom line will be transferred to the top line with subsequent loss of the information on the top.

If no key has been depressed for a period of 20 minutes, the display is cleared and the unit enters a low power state. Depression of any key will place the unit back to the initial power-on state. The low power mode can be disabled where power usage is not a concern.

Depression of any key causes the transfer of an ASCII character. In addition, RESET returns the unit to the initial power-on state. The SPACE/TOGGLE switch transmits a space-bar character code. The TOGGLE function (defined as the selection of various application specific actions) is expected to be implemented by the user. The Soft Function keys F1 through F4 are mapped to the lower line of the display for function identification. These functions are defined by the user and may be redefined for each application. Up to 250 message screens can be placed into Non-Volatile Memory via an optional PC based program.

IDUplus Message Management Software

IDUplus saves hours of your time spent creating man/machine interfaces for popular Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). When used with the Industrial Display Unit (IDU), the user-friendly Windows-based software, IDUplus, gives you a flexible and powerful message manager for implementing versatile and descriptive screens.

IDUplus is a message management software package specifically designed for use with the IDU. The program can be run on any computer using the Windows 3.1 operating system supporting a serial RS232 port. A user connects the computer to the IDU via the communication port, and commences activity.

When work is completed, the IDU will save all screen information in an onboard nonvolatile memory. The IDU can then be transported to the final installation site.

IDUplus supports various PLCs by allowing the user to simply select the desired protocol from a menu. Protocol additions can be updated by IDUplus during an IDU communication session. IDUs require specific protocols to be determined at the time of purchase.

IDUplus allows the IDU to support a variety of screens, alarm displays, and basic math functions. Data displays and modifications can be accomplished in binary, decimal, and floating point formats.

IDUplus Features

Many of the features can be used without any changes to existing PLC programs!

Using the IDUplus software, the IDU supports the following PLC protocols:

More detailed picture of the IDU.

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