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Flow Measurement Devices (C02 and Natural Gas)

Technical Specifications Oil & Gas Journal article on CO2 Injection

Z-flow Computer

The Z-flow mini-flow computer joins the list of IAR products involving Oil Field Automation. Z-flow uses advanced calculation to give accurate measurement of CO2 and natural gas flow through an orifice plate, wedgemeter, or similar differential-producing flowmeter.

The Z-flow algorithm is accurate because of the unit's capability to calculate density, viscosity, and heat capacity ratio at the actual pressure and temperature conditions of the flow line.

For a full brochure, download the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file: Z-flow Computer (PDF-15K)

Z-flow RTU

The Z-flow RTU is a full Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) version of the Z-flow computer. This unit completes the Z-flow system by adding the capability of local user interface and remote monitoring.

For a full brochure, download the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file: Z-flow RTU (PDF-25K) International Automation Resources, Inc., IAR, CO2, carbon dioxide, NIST-14, Wedge, flow, flow measurement