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Technical Specifications

The lifTER is an advanced design microprocessor based controller for plunger lift wells. The unit monitors the well using a cycle time base or pressure transmitters and external arrival sensor.

IAR offers complete plunger lift equipment sales and installation. Contact IAR Sales for more information.

The advantages of IAR's lifTER

Efficient Patented Algorithms IAR's patented algorithms can increase the production of the well.
Simple Operation All system parameters are entered through a menu driven text user interface.
Environmentally Sealed All electronics are sealed in a double sealed stainless steel or standard fiberglass enclosure. All connections are made externally using the supplied cable.
Historical Data Records data for 10 trip times, total arrivals, total no arrivals, total on time, and total off time.
Smart System The lifTER time-based Smart System (Patent# 6,241,014) can be programmed to adjust time cycles to meet an optimum plunger travel time.
Differential Pressure System The pressure-based lifTER (Patent# 5,957,200) can optimize well production using differential pressure to calculate when the well has sufficient energy to move the column of fluid in the tubing. The set point is based on the tubing pressure equaling a user set percentage of casing pressure.
Pressure SwitchesThe time-base unit can monitor pressure switch gauges for high and low casing pressure, and sales line pressure.
Pressure TransmittersA pressure-based lifTER can monitor up to three transmitters for casing, tubing, and sales line pressure.
Pressure TrendingTrend pressures for up to 45 days.
Gas Flow MonitoringThe unit can monitor a Gas Flow Computer 0-5V or 1-5V output for critical rate set-point during and Afterflow Cycle.
Remote OperationThe lifTER has telecommunications options including cellular telephone, radio, and satellite.
Hazardous LocationslifTER can be ordered with the Class I Division 2 certified option.


Plunger lift technology is an artifical lift mode with low intial expenditures, simple installation, and low annual maintenance. It eliminates paraffin, asphaltene, and scale deposition in downhole tubing. The well's own energy powers the system thus eliminating the high cost of external sources. Candidates for plunger lift technology are high GLR (Gas-Liquid-Ratio) and gas interference rod pumped wells. Well production is maintained to economic depletion.

Contact IAR Sales to see if plunger lift is an applicable method for your production needs.

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